Saturday, December 12, 2009

Episode 5 - It's Finally Here!

You can listen to the episode here or on iTunes.

Sorry for the delay, everyone! We had technical problems but we're all better now. Please pardon the buzzing sound in the first 8-10 minutes of the episode. It goes away shortly.

Local Weather
Everyone's cold! Deirdre shivers through 54F / 12C days in San Diego, while Peter toughs out the 4F / -16C temps in St. Paul.

Hashing it Out
Thanks for the comments, everyone!

What's Up
Peter finished a whole slew of projects and celebrates by starting a new sweater and a scarf.

Deirdre works on mystery projects and cannot stop knitting mini sweaters.

Regatta Socks by Anne Hanson
Expedition Pullover by Todd Gocken
Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-Off
Brigade by Todd Gocken
Minutia by Berroco

I Want That
Peter is eager to learn crochet so he can make himself a Babette Blanket, while Deirdre continues the small yet cute knitting obsession with Danger Crafts knitted monsters.

The Hot Seat
On the agenda for today are traditional knitting, how many UFOs we have lying around, pattern criteria, movie genres, and recurring dreams.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Stay Tuned...

Sorry, gang! We recorded Episode 5 on Friday but we have been experiencing technical difficulties with the editing software. Something's amiss with the file. We will try to get it corrected and uploaded tomorrow (Tuesday).

In the meantime, if you need a sibling podcast fix, check out The Savvy Girls Podcast. It's hilarious!