Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Episode 11

The Knitting Show is proudly sponsored by Flocks of Yarn--the online yarn shop that lets you grow your own flock!

Local Weather

It's warming up all over! 57F / 14C in Wisconsin, and 66F / 19C in San Diego

Hashing it Out

Huge thank yous to everyone for participating in the Ravelry forum and on the blogs!

What's Up?

Peter finishes stuff and Deirdre slogs through more sweaters


Haruni by Emily Ross

Snowflake Fingerless Gloves by Cailyn Meyer

I Want That

Perry the Pear by Salihan Laugesen

The Designer's Studio blog by Faina Goberstein

The Hot Seat

Staring at strangers, right hand or left hand, overuse injuries, knitting blogs, museums, and strange collections.


  1. I just wanted to let you two know that I am really enjoying your show and look forward to future episodes. I am truly astounded at the fabulous projects you do!

  2. I had a question for Peter, What do you do with the lace shawls that you make?

    By the way I have just started knitting lace and I think that you do an excellent job on them. I have even queued some of the projects that I saw on your page.