Saturday, January 2, 2010


Finally! A promo for our show! Yippee!

You can listen at Libsyn or on iTunes.


  1. Hi Peter and Dierdre. I enjoy your podcasts but have trouble finding them on my mp3 player. I usually set the type to 'podcast' when I download podcasts, if it isn't already labeled that way. Then they are all in the same location on my player and that's where I look for them, but with yours it won't let me do that. Do you know why I can't add qualifying information (I don't remember the technical name) to your podcast after downloading it? If I remember that it is there and look around I can find it and listen to it.

    Hey it's getting warmer in Minnesota this week.

    Ceci in Duluth, Minnesota.

  2. What a great interview with Susan. Just wanted to drop a note to say that I enjoy your podcast. Being an only child the family banter fascinates me, and the contrast between the two of you keeps the podcast light and enjoyable. Good job!